Stress And Family Conflicts

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The model which is chosen for the research study is based on three variables. 1. Job stress 2. Work family conflict 3. Deviant behavior Where job stress is independent variable and work family conflict, deviant behavior is dependent variable. Depression, divorce and work family conflict are being the common fact in Pakistan amongst young professionals. The reason for this is stress. Stress has physical and emotional effects on us and can create positive or negative feelings. As a negative pressure, it can result in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and depression and this will lead to many health problems. The targeted population for this research study is Call center agents in Lahore Pakistan. Different research gave different…show more content…
Work only collides with family life when it is over or the timing is not proper the term, work-family conflict generally refers to the inter-role conflict in which the role demands from work are incompatible with role demands from family Beutell & Greenhaus, (1985) More specifically, the relationship between work and family has been conceptualized as a bi-directional construct where work roles affect family roles and vice versa Gutek, Searle, & Klepa, (1991). Work family conflict is mostly common in female employers because it is difficult for them to manage job and family at a time. In females some are married and some are unmarried mostly unmarried females manage their work and family but married women always face difficulties in managing work and family. On the other hand male employees also face difficulty in managing work and family because mostly they have work load and due to that they are unable to give time to their families. In terms of emotions, the two most commonly measured signs of psychological distress stemming from work-family conflict are anxiety and depressed mood Grimshaw, (1999). Work-family conflict means a conflict of work and family interrelated roles Greenhaus & Beutell, (1985). This shows that work and family are interrelated with each other. Work family conflict…show more content…
The other main cause of work family conflict is taking job work at home. Some of work related factors are working shifts, sudden transfer, frequent overtime, and working hour changes which increase conflict risk. As employees are the major asset of any organizations that’s why now organizations are trying to retain their employees. Mostly turnover of employees is due to work family conflict .This study is designed to examine the affects of Job stress on work family conflict and deviant behavior by taking job stress as an independent variable with work family conflict and deviant behavior as a dependent variable. Deviant behavior is basically the response of the employees towards the situation at the organization. This response will be in positive or negative form. Positive form includes employees will work hard for the organization and negative response includes employees lame excuses, back biting, sue side, absentees etc. Different research is done by many researchers on this behavior of employees and they gave different definitions. Heritage, (2000) Defined deviate as “to depart, as from a norm, purpose, or subject,” whereas deviant (noun) is “one that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social

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