Gender Role Conflict

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As for the present generation, men are viewed as the strong foundation of the smallest unit of our society. They are expected to be alpha, firm and leading. They could not show any sign of weakness because of this gender role strain. Because of the burden of the expectations that men carry on their shoulders, they experience psychological distress that can be manifested in the level of anxiety they feel or even the relationship they have with the people around them.
Because of these constructs, an individual can and may suffer from psychological and emotional distress. The broad-spectrum term for negative emotions that affect a person’s working level is called psychological distress. It can lead to pessimistic approach in every aspect as well as in self. Some of the indicators of psychological distress are melancholy, anxiety, disturbance and other symptoms of mental illness (Williams, 2010).
One reason that may cause the psychological distress of men is gender role conflict. According to Crapser and O’neil (2011), gender role conflict is a mental state wherein the gender role label has a destructive effect on the person as well as to the people around him. It arises when their roles have turned to sexist causing restriction, devaluation or violation of self and or others. Gender role
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One hundred forty-two (142) men assessed their real level of gender-role conflict, their ideal levels of gender-role conflict, and their psychological distress. Results disclosed that both real and ideal gender role conflict were positively correlated. Consistency was also observed in the test results of the sample. This happens when the psychological distress and real and ideal gender role are highly related to each other. This study concluded that Gender Role Conflict Scale is beneficial in determining and understanding conflict and
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