Stress And Its Impact On Stress Management

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In the recent past, with the passage of time, there have been a lot of changes happening in the Indian economy. There is a growing competition in the between different businesses. There is a requirement of more and more skilled employees. Thus it is most important for every employee and its organization to be as efficient as possible. It will be further explained as to how has this effect on one’s mental self and hoe does it affects stress level. This has also resulted in a lot of scientists to focus on this part of the life which deals with mental well-being, stress management, causes of stress, on what things does the stress depends or how does it effects the output of an individual or organization. Some researchers have also studied upon how much of stress an individual should have to ensure the work is carried out effectively. Most the points said above will be discussed in the write-up below.
Stress is a word that we often come across in our daily lives. It is said normally that elder you grow, more difficult your work becomes. This leads to bigger challenges. Challenges causes stress if not taken well. This stress hence becomes a part of life. As a person exists in the society, he learns to manage stress, and this is a fundamental requirement for any individual. As it is very well said (although being a cliché) that extremes of any thing is bad. Similarly excess of stress is also bad for human. This may lead to extensive steps like suicide. Suicide is a result of

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