Stress And Job Stress

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(RUSSELL CROPANZANO, 1997)Stress is a mental feeling when job duties are beyond person 's capabilities. These mental feelings create the anxiety and tension which are symptoms of stress.

stress as a reaction to a threat to (real or imaginary) your mental, physical and emotional health which can lead to series of reactions or physiological problems. (Mohsenzadeh, 2007).

(Giga, Cooper, & Faragher, 2003)There are three different views for stress definition. First, stress could be an environmental stimulus. In this case, environmental events that make demands on the person partly are tolerable and not stressful. Second, stress might be a reaction by the person to the extra burden. Finally, stress can be an unknown body reaction to a demand that lead to pressure or stress in reaction or response conditions. In other word, as mentioned, different response of stress in different people and conditions are different. (Caplan & Jones, 1975)Therefore, the question is if stress is an individual response or a social factor that lead to some psychological responses.
Occupational stress inadvertently consequences low organizational performance (Elovainio et al. 2002), Job stress although has belittling impact on any organization and individual’s performance but can shape dire consequences when related to health care. (Mimura e.t al. 2003). Job stress is considered rising and has become challenge for the employer and because high level stress is results in low productivity, increased
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