Stress In The Workplace: A Case Study

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(RUSSELL CROPANZANO, 1997)Stress is a mental feeling when job duties are beyond person 's capabilities. These mental feelings create the anxiety and tension which are symptoms of stress.

stress as a reaction to a threat to (real or imaginary) your mental, physical and emotional health which can lead to series of reactions or physiological problems. (Mohsenzadeh, 2007).

(Giga, Cooper, & Faragher, 2003)There are three different views for stress definition. First, stress could be an environmental stimulus. In this case, environmental events that make demands on the person partly are tolerable and not stressful. Second, stress might be a reaction by the person to the extra burden. Finally, stress can be an unknown body reaction to a demand that
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Competition, physically or emotionally, in the workplace creates a positive energy for persons to learn new duties and work more effectively. When the competition is over, person feels relaxed and comfortable but when the competition has daily requirements which could not be overcome, relaxation turns into exhaustion and satisfaction changes into stress.

(Giga, Cooper, & Faragher, The development of a framework for a comprehensive approach to stress management interventions at work., 2003)Stress will have a lot of consequences and job effects such as migraine, alcohol or drug abuse and smoking cigarette, or physical and emotional effects such as migraine, high blood pressure and consequences concerning mental health such as depression.

(H. W. Herrmann, 1999)Better managed employees are more cooperative and serve as assets for an organization and when their stress is ignored by the employer the results are increased absenteeism, cost, low productivity, low motivation and usually legal financial
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Employers demands may affect employee stress which is “an unpleasant emotional experience associated with elements of fear, dread, anxiety, irritation, annoyance, anger, sadness, grief, and depression” (Motowidlo, Packard, & Manning, 1986). Job stress is a condition in which job-related factors affect employees to the extent that their psychological state deviates from normal functioning (Rothstein, 2008).

Landy and Trumbo (1976) job insecurity, excessive competition, hazardous working conditions, task demands, long unusual working

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