Occupational Stress Essay

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Stress is the most common problem of everyday life. Stress has been defined traditionally either as a stimulus, often cited to as a stressor, that happens to the person or as a response characterized by physiological arousal and negative affect, especially anxiety. In his 1966 book, Psychological Stress and the Coping Process (Lazarus, 1966), Richard Lazarus defined stress as a correspondence between the person and the environment that is appraised as personally significant and as taxing or exceeding resources for coping. Stress therefore is an ongoing process that worsens by our incompetence to control either the factor that is causing the stress or our reactions to those problems. Indeed, stress has come to characterize modern life.

Occupational Stress is an accumulation of stressors, job-related situations that are ‘stressful’ experienced by most of the workers. Job stress can also be defined as the stress experienced by a particular individual on a particular job. Occupational stress is an interaction of work conditions with characteristics of the worker such that the demands of work exceed the ability of the worker to cope with them. These definitions examine the joint
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