Stress-Related Problems In The Workplace

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As employees experience stress-related problems, organizations often become interested in finding ways to manage the stress more effectively. Discuss work role stressors, including job ambiguity, role conflict, lack of control, physical work conditions, interpersonal stress, and organizational change.
Job Ambiguity (role ambiguity) occurs when an individual employee is uncertain about his or her job responsibilities or performance. Role conflict occurs when an individual feel that her job responsibilities is conflicting with her other roles. For example, a mother who works full time is conflicting with her role as a mother. She has spent more of her time at work rather than spending time with her child. (Aamodt, 2015) Lack of control can lead
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Additionally, an organizational change is a factor that she has no control of. Stress due to physical work condition such as noise and temperature, can also affect employee’s tasks. Certain level of noise can negatively effect someone’s ability to focus or concentrate. Therefore, a decrease in job performance creates more stress. Temperature is another work environment that is negatively affecting employees job performance. For example, employees who worked all day in the heat can cause serious health issues, which leads to stress and health issues can lead to job loss and additional stress. It is important to speak to someone in the organization to solve such work conditions, in order to reduce stress and to protect health conditions. (Aamodt, 2015) Interpersonal stress occurs when an individual battle with stress due to a personal issue including family relations, finances and health. When an individual is going through an interpersonal stress, it effects the person’s behaviors. For example, someone who is in the process of divorce and may also lose custody of her child may start developing a negative habit such as drinking, smoking or drug abuse. These negative…show more content…
As a sales associate, I have several responsibilities, including making my daily/weekly sales goals, if sales goals are not achieved, my supervisor have the power to punish. For example, employee’s hours can be reduced if sales goals are not met. Although having to achieve a daily sales goals can be stressful, employees do not have the power to address it because it is part of our responsibilities and expectations. However, as a sales associate, part of my responsibility is customer service. Assisting customers each day can be very stressful. Secondly, I was also assigned to work in a certain department by myself. I was expected to provide all the tasks without anyone’s help, which was overwhelming. “Burnout, the state of being overwhelmed by stress is usually experienced by highly motivated professionals faced with high work demand.” (Aamodt, 2015, p. 563) At the end of the day, I felt exhausted and

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