Anxiety In America Today: Article Analysis

792 Words4 Pages Stress is the #1 health problem in America today. Worry builds up inside a person and in many cases and manifests itself in physical illness. Doctors even now believe that anxiety may be the cause of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and gastrointestinal problems as well. Stress is costing America billions in medical bills, OTC drugs, and sessions with therapists in an attempt to combat the effects of anxiety caused by stress. But, what if there was a way to relief stress and its associated anxiety that comes with it. Well, that's what we are going to cover today in this article, you can get rid of your anxiety and you don't have to go into therapy or resort to expensive drugs. It is as simple as using your voice a use of sounds that you create while rhythmic breathing. It's over a thousand years old and has helped millions. Transcendental Meditation ™ that comes to us from India and was brought here to the U.S. and made popular by the Beatles. TM can lower your blood pressure and is one of the best tools to fight stress and anxiety on the planet that doesn't require a doctor, guru, and spiritual advisor. It is based on sound scientific principles and we will let you in on its secrets today. Work, its anxiety, and life in…show more content…
The Silva Method uses a similar approach and has gotten remarkable results. In New Mexico, Masahilo Nakazono, a former Aikido master based his Inochi system of healing on the Kototama principle that uses the sounds of the Japanese language to turn off anxiety. Another way, created by Kozo Nishino, links the breath to the transfer of vital energy and the boosting a person’s energy, relieving anxiety and stress. Educator Paul Scheele uses two syllables, "Re-Lax" when altering the consciousness of a reader to garner double or triple reading speeds from his students. Anxiety goes
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