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We have all experienced stress at some point in our lives; be it stress from a job or a supervisor. Stress can cause even the best employee to have problems doing his or her job. Some jobs are just stressful, like being an emergency room doctor, police officer or firefighter. Knowing how to deal with stress is important; this case study refers to man who is under a lot of stress from his job and family.
Paul Keller moved from Minneapolis to Brevard County, Florida to work at Cape Canaveral. Paul was excited for the future, he found his new job challenging and interesting, unfortunately, somewhere along the way things changed. It seems that Paul’s job because monotonous and he feel into the same old routine. Paul needed to find ways to challenge
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Since Mr. Wallace was a harsh supervisor, a co-worker might have understood and they could have helped each other find ways to work through the stress of their jobs. Mr. Wallace should have encouraged open communication between management and employees. In high stress jobs, managers need to watch for the warning signs of stress. Programs need to be in place to help employees avoid and cope with stress. Paul needs to seek professional help; his stress was so high that he suffered possible health issues. Many companies that have stressful jobs have wellness programs and assistance programs in place to help their employees. These companies know that healthy stress free employees benefit the workplace.
This case study shows the importance of setting goals for one’s personal and professional life. It also deals with the importance of managing stress. Knowing how to prevent and handle stress will help one achieve their goals. There are a few things one can do to help with stress like relaxation training, meditation and therapy. When Paul Keller begun his career at Cape Canaveral he never thought that years later he would still be just a button pusher. If Paul could have learned to deal with his stress, he might have been able to advance instead of feeling that he was stuck in a rat

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