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We have all experienced stress at some point in our lives; be it stress from a job or a supervisor. Stress can cause even the best employee to have problems doing his or her job. Some jobs are just stressful, like being an emergency room doctor, police officer or firefighter. Knowing how to deal with stress is important; this case study refers to man who is under a lot of stress from his job and family.
Paul Keller moved from Minneapolis to Brevard County, Florida to work at Cape Canaveral. Paul was excited for the future, he found his new job challenging and interesting, unfortunately, somewhere along the way things changed. It seems that Paul’s job because monotonous and he feel into the same old routine. Paul needed to find ways to challenge himself and set career goals. Paul also had a negative perception of his supervisor; this played a big part in the levels of stress Paul felt at work. He believed that if he went to his supervisor with any problems he would be viewed as being weak. Paul needs to change his negative outlook to a positive one; this will help to reduce his stress at work and home.
Was Paul Keller demonstrating signs of stress? The case study really does not give us enough information to determine this. I believe that it is safe to say that he was. Most of the stress Paul was under was self-inflicted. He needed to have the same toys as the scientists that made twice the salary he was making. It seems that Paul wanted to be viewed as someone of importance;

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