Stress Conditions In Life

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Normal stress is one of the most crucial ingredient of life. Without stress one cannot function to fullfill basic necessity of life. We as human being experience stress from birth till death but what is this stress after all."At the very basic level, stress is the changes that happens in the body and brain to help us face challenges and solve problems in our ever changing world.(Santee, 2013. pg.11) whereas, this normal stress which help us to achieve several necessity of life can also become harmful to our lives. When the stress is continuous and happens too often in one's life, can turn into problem itself and affects our body and brain. For example: If a person is holding on to two litre of water bottle in each hand, may be he can bear it for a little while. Later he might put it aside or change his position to comfort his arms but if he continues to hold onto these two litres of water bottles in his hands for a prolong period of time can affect his well being and turns into chronic stress. My thesis…show more content…
" Much stress is inflicted through distortted thought patterns that among other characteristics, focus on negative aspect of situations, diminish our confidence in our ability to control events, and draw conclusion that are defeatist and unnecessarily self-critical". (mind, mood and memory, 2016, paragraph 4) When stress reach to a point that an individual is unable to cope with it and may end up using harmful strategies to cope with their stress. An individual might choose to limit their social outings, may start indulging themselves in behaviour of drinking alcohol or use of tobacco and drugs to temporarily get relieve from stressful situation. These behaviours in turn may lead to other social aspects of life such as low self esteem, stealing, robbing someone, start gambling and even physically hurting someone to fulfill their desire to be stress free through harmful
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