Stress Dynamics In The Workplace

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Stress dynamics is drawing more and more attention nowadays, particularly in the corporate context. There is no such thing as a stress-free job. The employees in their work are exposed to tension, frustration, and anxiety as he gets through the duties assigned to them. The “Human Resources” is the intersection of the two organizational dynamics, human exchange and systemic change that accounts for the challenge and performance of the organization the employees in any work place are able to identify and understand the healthy workplace.

The term “stress” is derived from the Latin word “stringere” which means “to draw tight”, and was used in this way in the 17th century to describe a hardship or an affliction (Cartwright & cooper, 1997). Later
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Stress dynamics (Oldenburg, Osipow 1988) is a complete dynamical system with causes of stress and the influence of organizational climate over employees and organizations. This domain explains the proportionate relationship between objectives of organizational climate, social factors and quanta of stress among the employees. In all the industries, causes of stress are generally identified as work environment, but it is the objectives of organizational climate which triggers stress among the…show more content…
Indian talent is in great demand as there exist a war for talent. So employees in software are always spending their official life in the midst of competition and heavy work load. The globalization of economy and introduction of new high speed information technology, increased global competitiveness, and reduced staff levels; software employees have less job security. They are carrying heavier workloads and working longer hours in an attempt to keep their jobs. A marked increase in stress levels at work is being experienced on a universal scale. These reasons lead to the enormous amount of stress among them. There are two ways of tackling work stress: Identify sources of stress in their job and try to make appropriate changes. The employees often blame themselves for their problems at work, rather than questioning the job itself. The need for studying stress dynamics and its importance for prudential benefits has acquired good momentum in the present scenario. Objectives of the studies i) To study the various factors causing stress and their influence on the performance of employees. ii) To analyze the physical, behavioural and emotional responses of IT employees in stress affected domains. iii) To ascertain the stress management techniques adopted by the organizations’ and the responses of the

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