Stress Effects

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Stress is a person’s reaction and response to stressors, while stressors are events that cause stress for individuals. It is something that humans, in general, experience everyday in either their professional, social, or personal lives. Stress has a big impact on the human’s well-being, way of behaving, mood, and their psychological health as a whole. Those stressful events impact both children and adults. Young and healthy people‘s response to stressful life events can be adaptive which basically doesn’t affect their health and welfare, while old and unhealthy people’s responses to the same stress may have a huge influence upon their health. The most studied stressors, which are sexual/physical/emotional abuse, divorce conflicts, and violence…show more content…
Acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress symptoms have as feature Traumatic events that include bad injuries and death chocks. There are plenty of other consequences of stress on the human’s health such as the increase in sleep disorders, fatal accidents rate, eating disorders, smoking, and consumption of alcohol and drugs.
Nowadays, child maltreatment or abuse is very predominant in our communities and has several negative effects on victims. Psychological impacts of abuse can be resumed in emotional dysregulation, personality issues, low academic performance, distress, attachment problems, intimacy avoidance, and provocative behaviors. Child abuse may also lead to difficulties in terms of concentration, difficulties in trying to interact with people and connect with the external world, dissociation, and
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Stressful events were ranked in the context of threat and dependence. The relationship between stressful events and depression onset was tested by time survival examination analyzing the connection between dependence and stressful event’s effects and by a co-twin control analysis. When independent stressful events were much related with the start of depression, while the threat’s level was measured, the connection and association was even stronger for dependent stressful
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