Stress Hacks Case Study

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Stress hacks: Beat the Monday Blues (A Feature Article)
Did you know that you have more control over stress than you might think?
Remembering that stress is a natural response on the negativities that occur in our life, we're the ones who have the choice if these would affect ourselves because it also depends on our state of mind. Hence, it clearly shows that we can control the stress in our life. Despite having the huge pile of works needed to be done, the demanding responsibility as a student, son/daughter, or sibling, there's something you can do about stress that could make you feel better.
Everyone of us has various ways to respond with stress, thus there's no one size that fits all the solutions on how to cope up with it. Stress management, however, could help us to cope with stress in healthier ways that have a positive effect on our lifestyle, thoughts, emotions and the way to deal with problems. Also, this helps us to reduce the harmful effects of stress and to prevent it to be out of control again.
Healthy or unhealthy ways to cope up with stress could also lead on making the matters worse for the person itself. These are considered as temporary ways to reduce stress, but these can also bring more damage in the long run.
Sleeping too little or too
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Reading helps to ease the muscle and heart tensions, and it also requires less energy than other activities. Listening to music specifically slow, quiet classical music can help to unwind wherein it has a well-established soothing power resulting to its unique link to our emotions. Hugs can also be considered as one of the ways to relieve stress. It is said to be that the levels of "love hormone" oxytocin can be increased by hugging, and it has a lot of advantages on your health. And a hug from anyone is helpful because the other person shares his energy to the person who is stressed who'll eventually be a happy
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