Stress Impact On Work Performance

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In this age of globalization the service sectors shows great promise as one with tremendous growth potential.. In this regard, employee stress is perhaps the most contributing factor to work performance. This paper attempts to find the impact of work stress on performance among the managers executives in three service sectors namely hospital, hotel and bank in Nilgiri district . The data was collected from 490 respondent and was analyzed statistically using SPSS 19 software. The statistical tools used were independent sample t-test, one way ANOVA, and Pearson bivariate correlation.The findings of the study revealed that tourism employees face more stress when compared to hospital and bank employees.. The results confirmed…show more content…
There is an increasing acknowledgment that workforce throughout the world are regularly stressed (Cox, et al., 2000). In the global economy andintense competition for maintaining market share and survival, strain escalates on workers (Hoel et al., 2002). Almost one third of the working individuals in most developed countries account high or extreme levels of stress (ILO, Geneva, 2002). When difficulty begins to put up, it can cause unfavorable strains on ones emotions, thought process and physical conditions. Whilst stress becomes extreme, employees develop several of stress symptoms that can lower their performance and health and even intimidate their ability to deal with up with the situation. Work stress has become a familiar term in today’s parlance. In every organization, the major cause of shortfall in productivity is because of stress at workplace. Human resources need assured kind of motivation and work stress mitigating ways to overcome their stress. This research is focused to look at the major factors causing work stress and explain how it have an effect on job performance of the…show more content…
This also refers to the worth, quality or quantity of the work exerted by an employee. If the employee’s productivity is high, it impacts and makes the overall performance of the organization high. Job performance refers to the results that the employees achieved from their works in a certain period. Based on the framework of Campbell (1990), Borman&Motowidlo (1993) proposed the categorization method of job performance and divided job performance into task performance and conditional performance. Task performance refers to the outcome of individual works, the results directly linked to tasks allocated or anticipated by the organization. The judging measure of task performance is the prerequisite of the official role of the individual. Conditional performance is a broader concept, and does not directly support the significant technique of the organization, but sustain more general organizational and social environment. Based on the previous researches and a critical review of literature, the theoretical model for the present research was developed. It takes into account the various work related stress factors and their effect on job performance of the individuals. This also addresses the differences in this level of stress and performance based on personal

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