Stress In Daily Life

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Stress is the strain of physical, psychological, emotional and mental. Form of this tension can affect a person 's daily work. Stress can lead to decreased productivity, pain and mental disorders. Stress is a physical and psychological reaction is normal for a lot of 'claims ' and the pressures of life are always changing and never ending. Because stress is a normal reaction, then everyone will have it. In addition, the majority of the pressure comes from the feeling of lack of choice. Lack of options such as the inability to do something with the existing resources (or lack thereof), and the fear associated with It. such situations cannot be avoided. According Hans Selye (1976) is the body 's response to stress is not specific to any charge…show more content…
Based on my opinion about "the pressure is in the eye of the beholder," Yes, I agree, a little stress is good for us. This is because there are many negative consequences to us if the problem continues to stress on our daily lives. Stress is part of life, however, stress is inevitable in everyday life, and the pressure cannot be allowed to run away because the implications are huge. People who are under extreme stress often cannot control you. Thus, if we were under pressure, try to resolve it as quickly as possible. Similarly, if we see a friend who is under pressure to find ways to help solve the problem. Prevent before severe is the best way. In conclusion, we need to think positive in all situations in our lives. If we can manage and control the pressures we face, we will be able to develop it. If we cannot control, emphasized it would be a big problem for us. Pressure will cause a person unable to perform daily activities, and this reduces their productivity. Therefore, the potential and positive thinking is the best way to reduce the level of stress in life. Information on effective stress management should be given particular attention by individuals as well as to practice the recommendation that more rationality, and maturity in dealing with all the problems of life. Effective stress management can help to equip themselves with a positive self-image and competent to produce optimal mental productivity in school

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