Stress In Everyday Life: A Call For Healthy Life

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STRESS In the modern world today every one of us experiencing stress. It can be pleasant or unpleasant and some stress is important for an individual to function normally. (Embradora et. al., 2010). According to Mason as cited by (Embradora et. al., 2010), there are different ways in describing stress. Stimulus could be the definition of stressors, the whole spectrum of interacting factors and stimulus response reaction. (Stress in Everyday Life: A Call for Healthy Lifestyle, 2010) stated that the stress responses depends on ones own perceptions, it could be in two forms: Eustress which is a positive stress and Distress which is a negative exposure o difficult circumstances. Stress does not produce itself. Rather, stress occurs when people experience frustrations, conflicts, pressures or changes. …show more content…

It is unique because different people will interpret a stressful situation differently. It is interactive because you are thinking what other people say or might think of you. And lastly, it is starts in mind by how you can view challenges in life. If you have an attitude of viewing obstacles as opportunities or challenges, you are experiencing positive stress which will help you to grow as a person. But of you view problems as threats or traps, you are negatively stress. It is just the perception and expectation of a situation that determines what kind and how much stress you will

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