Stress In Healthcare

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The implications of stress in healthcare industry
It has been discussed in the literature review that healthcare workers face some difficulties and risks of burnout, physical and mental illness during their jobs because of high workload, low social support and sometimes due to the condition and death of patients. Bryant declared that there is a significant increase in the stress of healthcare workers in the last 35 years i.e. from 19-30% and the remaining are physically ill due to high workload. McVicar defined burnout as a negative reaction and stress which can affect occupational workers and discourage them to perform their job well, there are basically two stages of burnout that can take workers from minor to the extreme burnout and they
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Ruotsalainen suggested cognitive-behavioral training for workers which can help them feeling relaxed physically or mentally because some studies showed that it is very effective to reduce stress by 13% among the workers. The study also shows that the working environment and the working schedule also has a great impact on workers and their health, the organizations should involve themselves to provide proper trainings and they should reduce working hours in order to avoid mental and physical illness of their…show more content…
There is a high rate of substance abuse in healthcare workers because they can easily access drugs, or controlled substances. Due to the excessive use of these drugs, healthcare workers feel depression, inconsistency, emotionalism, absenteeism, and violence in their behavior which can cause risk of accidents and reduce their power of functioning and productivity. The case study declared that healthcare workers have poor health and depression issues because most of them do not able to handle multiple tasks and long working hours which caused depression and health issues and at the great extent that some of them prefer to switch the job or even some workers commit suicide. Musculoskeletal injuries are mostly found in healthcare workers especially in nurses because they weighing patients and help patients to move from bed to chair and toilet, and sometimes give bathe to their patients which cause low back pain in their

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