Stress Among High School Students Essay

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How many times has a student complained to you about stress? If you are one or a teacher at a highschool then you probably hear that every day multiple times a day. Are they just being dramatic, lazy, or just saying it to get a reaction? I think not, there are many studies being done about how highschool students are actually stressed and how it leads to other health problems and highschool student actually are pretty busy. Many parents, teachers, and other adults say that us student are being lazy, or dramatic that we really don’t have that much to do, they could be wrong in some cases, there’s alot more to us students than a teacher or parent can see. Stress is something that everyone has delt with, parents working over time to make sure they meet that deadline. Students have the same problem, except they have about 8 deadlines to meet in one day, just imagine having a two-page essay, a 100 question final, a 20 slide powerpoint, and another 50-question…show more content…
A teacher most likely has just as much, if not more than us students have to do, and they still think we are lazy, sometimes this is the case. However, they don’t know what other classes we have that we are up to our eyebrows in stress for. I make sure that my parents know how much i have to do every night so they know that i won’t have time for other things, or they offer help. So, next time you have a high school student complaining about being stressed maybe jsut give them encouraging words and tell them that they can do it if they work hard. Most of us are jsut looking for encouragment and maybe a little tip for help, however there are a few students that actually are lazy or dramatic, there will always be a few of those kids. Now, do you think that stress highschool students are just dramatic or lazy? Or are they actually
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