Stress In Nursing Case Study

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The article stated that nursing is one of the most perceived stressful occupations in the world. Healy and McKay of the Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia conducted a study of 129 Victorian nurses to evaluate the sources of job stress and levels of job satisfaction, related to occupational stress. The study identified what nurses perceived as the major sources of stress in the workplace using a standardized questionnaire, Grap-Toft and Anderson’s Nursing Stress Scale also known as NSS, and by way of written reports. Levels of job satisfaction were measured by using the Nursing Stress index. Healy and McKay’s percentages were A total of 51, (45.9% response rate) online questionnaires was returned while another 60 (54.1% response rate) paper-based questionnaires was completed. A total, 111 nurses completed the survey with an 80.4% response rate. Out of the 80.4%, 60% agreed that the workloads are highly stressful. The results stated that nurses rated their workloads as highly stressful in terms of stressful situation are brought upon them and it affects themselves. Stress was also related to poor job satisfaction in the workplace, with employees and employers. I do agree that nurse’s workloads can become stressful. Depending on what the situations are, nurses are expected to do a great deal of work in place of the doctor sometimes. They are to handle some pregnancies, administer shots and may also have to deal with deaths. Some nurses also work
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