Stress In Resort Management

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Concept of stress in resort management

According to a comprehensive research, stress in work environment has been defined as a psychological response of the employee to changes in the surrounding environment, followed by sudden issues in coping with daily duties (Law et. al, 1995; Earnshow and Cooper, 2001;Stranks, 2005). Whereas Jamal (2004) argues whether stress results in negative or positive effects on human life. Grandey et al. (2005) suggests that in many cases for those who are lacking motivation to do required work, stress would be a stimulating factor, whereas for others at certain point it is an indicator of disability of human body and mind to operate efficiently. Stress can be created by an extensive
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Leisure participation and Work-life conflict
Long-term contact with people, as on the front positions in the resort hotels, can be tiring and consuming a lot of energy (Frone et al., 1992). Thus, short breaks for leisure time are assumed to be essential in order to avoid mental stress as a consequence of work-leisure conflict, which is considered to negatively affect personal life of an employee in hospitality industry
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As a sample, Aging Home Health Care found the link between activities and the state of immune system, which becomes better according to personal level of activeness (Godbey, 2009).

Social support
There are several types of social support that can be divided into two groups work-related and non work-related, accordingly from family and friends or from colleagues and supervisors (Seiger and Wiese, 2009). Both include: emotional support, aid, tangible support and informational support (Iwasaki and Mannell, 2000). Terry et al. (1993) states that support form the colleagues can reduce the effect of work stress, whereas social support on the whole is able to weaken emotional exhaustion and promote work satisfaction.

Job burnout
Work overload and job demands can result in job burnout (Kim and Lee,

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