Stress In School Case Study

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1.1 BACKGROUND OF RESEARCH Nowadays, there are several cases regarding stress involving the secondary students. Azhar M. Zain (Berita Harian, 6 Mac 2002) had stated about 25 to 35 percentages of students are facing stress because of academic expectation from Ministry of Education , teachers and parents. According to him, the education system that emphasizes excellence in academics causes the students to have no time to relax and do other activities. The pressure of parents and their teachers to perform well in school also give input to their stress. According to Dr. Hans Selye, (1975) the founder of stress theory, defined stress as "the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it." The "demand" can be a threat, a challenge or any kind of change which requires the body to adapt. The response is automatic and immediate. Stress which promotes and facilitates learning is called good stress. An optimal level of stress can enhance learning ability. In the meantime, stress which inhibits and suppresses learning is called bad stress and also known as distress. The bad stress must be prevented and avoided in order to ensure conducive learning environment. Stated by Mohamad Zaid Mustafa, Ali Suradin, Siti Sarah Muhammad, Ahmad Rizal Madar dan Abdul Rashid Razzaq (ND) there are three causes of stress which are academics, personal (interpersonal relationship) and learning invironment. On the other hand, according to Martin in

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