Stress In Teaching

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Professions as teachers is very challenging and can leads to stress among them. It is has been recognized that stress in this professions are a vital problems. Teaching profession comes with other roles and commitments to be made towards students, the community and the profession itself (Nurul Izzah et al, 2010). From the previous studies, it indicate that professions as a teachers is one of the most stressful job. Stress among teachers can leads to absenteeism, low motivation and low performances on the work.

Teachers plays an important roles to educate and shape our future generation. If we fails to educate them, the future of our country is in danger. This is because we fails to shape leaders to leads our country in future. That how important the roles of teachers in this society but with the increasing workload among teachers make them not be able to perform well and give full commitment in teaching. With the new era, more and more programs that involve teachers are organized in order to increase the level of education in Malaysia. More expectation from teachers make them stress and their personnel satisfaction decreased.

The factors of stress among teachers could be from poor working condition, increasing workload, performances monitoring and relationship at workplace. We can see changing and demands on teachers when new initiative and programs on education are introduced by government. Teachers also could be stress with the performances monitoring in class and the

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