Stress In The Armed Forces

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Understanding Stress in the Armed Forces

Stress is an emotion, a nonspecific response of the body which is defined as physical, physiological effects on a person which can turn out to be psychological and emotional too. Stress can be due to one or many reason, acting together all at once.
Stress At workplace-(Mahato, 2014) refers to stress, “As an inevitable of a modern life style which work as a threat to individual and its organization”. Due to which stress can lead to hampering our cognitive abilities, emotional stability and physical appearance. Stress not only “affect one’s self but the environment around that self which also create repercussions on one’s Personal life, work life and Social Life” (Salo, Ikka, 2008).
Moreover the level of stress, how much stress an individual can sustain, how much stress an individual can adjust varies from person to person and the environment around him/ her and the type of personality he/she possess. “They are many factors in and around an individual adding up to the level of stress thus, not affecting the Personal life but the Work life too, hence misbalance in the normal functioning of an individual” (Lanhman, Aronson, 1997) .
But what if the an individual is serving a higher purpose where the aim is not only providing for herself/himself and the family but it’s the Nation and its Security, Yes the Armed forces be it Army, Airforce or Navy, which is not anybody

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