Stress In The Workplace

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Stress in the workplace is a major problem for both organizations and employees, and it has been estimated that approximately 13.4 million working days in Britain is lost per year due to stress, depression or anxiety. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)- stress is defined as the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them (Cooper 2000). Approaches to stress have distinguished between the concepts of stressor and strain. Environmental factors that may function as sources of stress are called stressors, and the individual’s reaction to the stressors is called strain. Transactional approaches to stress emphasize the transaction between the cognitive and affective aspects of the individual and their environment (Palmer 2003). A cognitive definition of stress has been proposed by Palmer, Cooper & Thomas as stress occurs when the perceived pressure exceeds your perceived ability to cope. The term stress has been conceptualized in a variety of ways and this can lead to confusion regarding the meaning of the term. Gyllensten and Palmer (2005) viewed in their study that women reported higher levels of stress compared to men. This is so because the stressors included, multiple roles, lack of career progress and discrimination and stereotyping. In considering the development of future conflict management training programs, recent developments are done in the field of cognitive and social psychology which suggest that

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