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Definition, Magnitude of the problem on global, regional:
Stress is a physical response to any changes that cause tension (1), or as Stress Management Society defined stress as, a situation when body demands exceed the ability of body to cope (7). Stress can develop when the individual face any challenges that makes the body react to these changes (6). According to examined existents that found three-fourths of population suffer from stress (2). It is a normal part of life. Sometimes stress maybe useful. However if its not controlled, it become long term and may interfere with life and health. People in different ages may experience stress during their life. Most people do not consider stress as problem but in fact stress can cause major health problems or even death.

Stress can come from different sources like work, relationship difficulties, financial problems, being too busy, children or family, lack of time and college and university (3).

Stress is common among population in many countries. Studies conducted in united kingdom found that commercial airline pilot, photojournalist, surgeon, and advertising account executive, these jobs are the most stressful jobs and around 5 million people are
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That is not an issue for a great many people, however for those with asthma or a lung illness, for example, emphysema, getting the oxygen you have to inhale less demanding can be troublesome. Furthermore a few studies demonstrate that an intense anxiety —, for example, the passing of a friend or family member — can really trigger asthma assaults, in which the aviation route between the nose and the lungs chokes. Also, stretch can result in the quick breathing — or hyperventilation — that can bring on a frenzy assault in somebody inclined to frenzy assaults. Working with a therapist to create unwinding and breathing methods can offer assist.

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