Causes Of Stress In The Workplace

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Stress: How to Avoid in a Workplace

Introduction – What is Stress?
The word “stress” was first used by Hans Selye (1936), he uses the word to describe condition when body reacted or respond to in non-specific reaction toward any demand of change. Selye first used the word stress to describe the condition of the animals in his lab that was put through several severe test and stimuli to describe how harmful physical and emotional stimuli such as blaring lights, deafening noise. Extremes heat or cold, and many more could affect the animals in negative way.

These days stress can be defined in many ways more than what Selye has proposed, stress is now often viewed as a pressure that resulted from the situations and circumstances either in environment
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In any case it is important to learn to understand yourself more and to try to define yourself in a more knowing manner so that you will be able to handle stress better and effectively. Effect of Stress
There are many effects of stress and stress can be harmful and it might affect you in so many ways.

Stress effects on body or physical referring to the effects of stress that can be seen physically on someone or affected a person physically, they are;
• Cramps or muscle spasms, we tend to be more fidgety when we are
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For most they tend to cry a lot, they cry when they make coffee in the morning or when they brush their teeth, they cry when they are in the toilet or when they watch a T.V., there’s no trigger point of the crying in actual for most of the time, people with stress cry because they are stressed and they cry because of the stress.

Stress at Work
Workplace are the most stressful place a person could be, stress at work is undeniably the most common stress that almost every working adult would ever experience. For most of the time, people tend to feel stress all the time, from the seconds they are born, they get stressed, but the worst stress ever would be stress at work. For most of the time working with others or being own boss and working on your won, we can’t help but to experience stress at one point in our working life, doesn 't matter how or what kind of work we have, stress will always be there and will most usually be very visible and felt by anyone. Common Sources of Work Stress
Certain factors tend to go hand-in-hand with work-related stress. Some common workplace stressors are:
• Low
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