The Role Of Stress In Today's Society

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Have you ever come to a point in your life where you feel like stress is taking over? As a fellow Northwestern State University student I think that stress is a major problem in todays society. Not only because it affects me, but because it affects everyone and everything around me. I think it is a problem because it can affect people’s mental and physical health. I think that we can fix this by acknowledging others stress more and trying to learn new ways of coping with it. It is important because if someone is not able to manage their stress then it can lead to lots of other problems. This problem is worth addressing because it is something that affects everyone. It can cause physical and emotional harm. I do think that people do not acknowledge others stress like they should. They think that just because someone is walking around with a smile on their face that everything is fine. That is not always the case. Stress is so common now that many people have gotten used to it and used to hiding it. Many things can cause someone stress. Things like family dynamics, relationships, education, and their social status.…show more content…
Stress can cause someone to act out of character, almost like you do not know who they are. It can cause them to be fatigued, overwhelmed, and scatterbrained. This can lead to huge problems in life. If one is fatigued then that might mean that they will not get done what all the need to do, because they feel as if a nap will help their stress. From personal experience, I know that feeling overwhelmed or scatterbrained can cause me to forget important things or even feel more tired than I already was. I feel like this needs to be addressed so that people can go back and try to live a decent

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