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CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW In the past recent years, there have been many studies related to stress in the healthcare professions. However, this literature review will focus mainly on the radiography or medical imaging field, stress experienced by radiographers in the field and their perspectives regarding the topic. The literatures presented and discussed in this review were taken from journals and academic books. All the papers reviewed are in English and mainly international. Studies on radiographer’s profession is new and uncommonly discussed in Malaysia. Hence, most of the studies in this review were international studies as there were only few Malaysian studies found in relation to this topic. From the literature several key topics…show more content…
The word ‘stress’ in English according to Oxford dictionary is a state of mental or emotional strain, or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances (Oxford English Dictionary, 2000). Stress may include feelings, thought and physiological reactions that happen as a results of stressful events. Which means any interference disturbing individual’s well-being both physically and mentally. Stress can also be described as a system of consequence response to an action or situation that places special physical or psychological demands or both on a person resulting from the interaction of a person and that person’s environment (Hellriegel, et al.,…show more content…
Stage 3: Exhaustion – An ongoing, extreme stressors eventually exhaust the body’s resources when the adaptive mechanisms collapse. The response pattern shown in Figure 2.1 indicates that resistance to the stress decreases during the initial shock of the alarm stage and increase after the reaction start to counter the shock. Then the resistance increases until reaching its maximum during the resistance stage. When reaching the exhaustion stage, the resistance to stress eventually falls below normal. Another theory of stress which is quite similar and related to the GAS theory is fight- or - flight response by Walter Cannon, one of the early pioneers in stress research. Cannon’s theory of response was documented based on the research about animal releasing hormones when subjected to shock or experienced threat (Taylor, 1999). Same like animals, human also has this response when facing stress. A person can either flee or remain to fight when facing danger or stressful situation. Thus, fight- or - flight response is more to the basic survival

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