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According to the case scenario, Alice is a widow and she is currently receiving Comprehensive Social Security Allowance to support her living. Recently, her three years old son, Tim, was being referred to an endocrinologist for medical consultation and found out that his growth hormone is higher than normal range. This indicates that Tim is suffering from some disease. Alice became silent after the medical appointment. As Alice is the breadwinner of the family and the only caregiver to Tim, it is hypothesised that Alice is currently stressed. The learning objective of this case is to identify appropriate stress management skills for Alice.
This essay consist of two parts. The first part justifies why stress management skills for Alice was chosen as the learning objective is of this assignment. The second part identifies some
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Although caregivers may have a long life span than non-caregivers, they usually have low levels of self care. an increased risk of heart disease and are in worse health. This implies that Alice is at a high risk of having a compromised health in the long run.

The condition of caregivers and patients are highly interactive and correlated. Unstable condition of anyone of the party may lead to disastrous results. Therefore, the identification of stress management skills for caregivers like Alice is very crucial.

Stress management involves different methods aiming to prepare a person with various effective adaptation plans for combating psychological stress so to have a better life. (

As there are various stress management skills for caregivers, the following are some stress management skills chosen as regards Alice’s current condition which hopefully can be effective to her.

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