Pros And Cons Of Stress Essay

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Stress is a common factor amongst many mental health issues arising in the adolescence today. In fact, 110 million people die of stress every year (Volz). Negative stress is such a preventable response, yet we don’t make the efforts to help with the problem. However, stress does not always have a negative connotation and can also bring good to one. For example, stress is key for the motivation of a student or a worker. These two types of stress may evolve around someone each an every day. Thus, as a teenager develops, it is important to recognize the pros and cons of stress, and thus find ways to cope with it.
Stress can be defined with the words dealing with challenges. Being a highschool student, the common stress known to be evident is called distress. This is the stress that comes with a negative connotation and is also the cause for many mental health
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What will motivate you to do something that needs to be done? Stress. What will promote a certain adrenaline? Stress. It is crucial for creating human emotion such as motivation that can be used daily. This positive kind of stress is called eustress. The certain feeling of having to get something done can be also identified with the word pressure. Some people need the pressure to keep them going while others can do fine without. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that the stress you feel here is not necessarily a bad thing. However, these positive stressors may not be seen as positive to certain people as, “[while] one person regards a new job as a welcome challenge; someone else appraises it as risking failure” (Myers 528). It is important to understand that “stress free” is extremely unlikely to achieve especially as a developing student. To go through one day of life, we must be able to feel a certain level of this eustress to move on action to
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