Stress: The Aspects Of Modernity And Cyber Hassles

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Modernity has altered the way “stress” is perceived. The term stress refers to the psychological perception of pressure and the body’s response to it. All people on the planet deal with stress, some more than others, but everyone has some experience with stress and the effects it has on someone. Stressors are catastrophes, life changes, daily hassles, and challenging or unpleasant situations. Traumatic events or catastrophes happen when one experiences actual or expectant death of a loved one. Soldiers, someone being assaulted, terrorist attacks, car wrecks, or natural disasters are all examples of catastrophes. Life changes such as divorce or moving cities has been proven to raise stress levels, even marriage can cause heightened stress. Daily hassles, though they’re often minor, are irritations that can happen daily. Cyber hassles have been linked to upper respiratory infections, leading researchers to believe that daily hassles can make a person mentally and physically weaker. Psychological disorders often arise from stress. Physical disorders are created or worsened from stress and emotional strain, known as psychophysiological disorders. The immune system consists of a variety of structures, cells, and mechanisms that all work together to protect the body from disease and illness. Unfortunately, sometimes our bodies fail us. Our immune system is not impenetrable and sometimes leaves us vulnerable to toxins and sickness, this is known as immunosuppression. It was

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