Richard Lazarus Cognitive Appraisal

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Theoretical Background This study is anchored on Folkman & Richard Lazarus’ cognitive appraisal approach. Cognitive appraisal means to focus more on psychological stress that develop to our mind and body in a build of cognitive psychology (Ciccarelli & White, 2012). Richard Lazarus defined stress as a two-way process; it involves the production of stressors by the environment, and the psychophysiological response of an individual subjected to these stressors. Every individual has its own way of perceiving stressful events base on the cognitive appraisal. When a person appraise the stressful events as a threat or a harmful feelings towards a situation, negative emotions may arise, that inhibit the person’s ability to cope with the treat that lead to a psychophysiological reactions to stress (Rathus, 2013). However, if the stressful event is appraise as a challenge, a person make plan to meet the challenge, which is more positive and less stressful approach. For this reason, the psychophysiological reactions to stress may have less experience to a person, and most likely they will be able to manage their time for their task that lead to a more productive output (Blonna, 2012). Lazarus stated that a person would tried to manage the stressful events by creating alternative solution, learning skill in dealing with stress, and…show more content…
In the psychological reactions, a person tend to have difficulty in concentrating and in making decision, increased reliance on alcohol and nicotine or drugs, decreased enjoyment of pleasurable activities and events, chronic fatigue even after adequate rest. While on the physiological reactions, a person tend to have a palpitation, shortness of breath, signs of heart disease, dizziness, tingling sensations in the hands/or feet, chronic or recurring backache and neck pain or constipation (Food that harm, Food that heal,

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