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Stress: this is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. The origin of stress can differ from person to person .the main origins originate from: lack control, uncertainty, frustration, conflict and change A physician and Endocrinologist, Hans Hugo Bruno Selye in his 2nd year of medical school started working on his theory of stress. The iconic theory which is linked to his studies of stress condition is known as The General Adaption syndrome (GAS), which he started in 1936. GAS focuses on how the body responds and adapts to stress through 3 different phases

The Alarm Stage
In this stage the body recognizes the stressor as a threat and danger, during this process the body
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Stress becomes persistent for a longer period of time causing the body to fail fighting against the stressor and be drained of energy. The mental, physical and emotional part of the body suffers tremendously causing hazards to your health circumstances such as chronic stress appears, damaging tissue and organ nerve cells. Also the Hippocampus section of the brain becomes vulnerable impairing thinking and memory. If no actions are done to help the stressed major health hazards such as anxiety and depression can occur
Another psychological theory of stress is formed by a psychologist from Denmark and the United States which have similar theories. This theory is called the James Lange –theory of emotions. In their research they explain how stress and emotion correlate. This theory just as GAS is linked to the fight or flight response by means of how the body reacts according to the brains interpretation. William James and Carl Lange came up with the theory that emotions do not respond to the stressor yet responds to how the body reacts to stress. They explain that feeling only take place after physical reactions. In summary an event occurs then the body activates the Autonomic nervous system (ANS) to enable physical events to occur, the brain then interprets the situation and an emotion is

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