Mandler's Interruption Theory Of Stress

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Theories on Stress
Stress has generally been viewed as a set of neurological and physiological reactions that serves an adaptive function (Franken, 1994). Traditionally, stress research has been oriented toward studies involving the body 's reaction to stress and the cognitive processes that influence the perception of stress. However, social perspectives of the stress response have noted that different people experiencing similar life conditions are not necessarily affected in the same manner (Pearlin, 1982). There are societal and cultural influences of stress.
Hans Selye (1982) points out that few people define the concept of stress in the same way or even bother to attempt a clear-cut definition. According to Selye, an important aspect
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He points out that stressors vary in their durations.
Mandler 's (1982) Interruption Theory of stress provides a transition between the internal component of stress and the interaction component. Mandler defines stress as an emergency signaling interruption. The basic premise is that autonomic activity results whenever some organized action or thought process is interrupted.
Lazarus and colleagues (1984b; 1978) have proposed a cognitive theory of stress which addresses this interaction. They refer to this interaction as a transaction, taking into account the ongoing relationship between the individual and the environment. Their theory places the emphasis on the meaning that an event has for the individual and not on the physiological responses.
According to the Transaction Theory of stress, the cognitive appraisal of stress is a two-part process which involves a primary appraisal and a secondary appraisal. Primary appraisal involves the determination of an event as
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He recognized that reducing negative workplace stress has a very positive influence on sick time and productivity. He also proved that an employee’s sense of loss of personal power leads to negative stress and loss of performance. It is clear that, a business community has moved into the research of negative stress that affects the passion and productivity of employees, and the bottom line of corporate performance. His book tells us how to measure the impact of stress in an organization or department and identifies the strategies available to you to recover the productivity that has been lost to

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