Stressed High School Students

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With the pressure to confirm teenagers have more added on to their plate with school and personal issues. As a student, many teenagers also have a lot going on with the changes that occur with puberty. With these natural changes juniors and seniors have to deal with school and the pressure of life as a growing young adult. In high school, senior year seems to be the most difficult for students of this generation. High school seniors can go though many things within the duration of a year that will eventually cause them stress. One of the reasons most high school seniors get stressed is because of the requirement to maintain a passing grade in all courses needed in order to graduate. Some seniors take college courses. In this scenario it becomes more stressful because the student now has to maintain both the high school and college GPA. Another reason teenagers might get stressed is because…show more content…
At the beginning, the student has to pay senior fees which is just the start of the expensive year. While still paying fees, the student then has to order seniors supplies and rent their cap and gown. For some students, the financial weight of the senior year with a relationship break isn’t healthy for students. Usually after a break up most teenagers get depressed. This depression can change a teenager’s mood, actions, and mindset. Eventually, with the student being emotional stressed they tend to lose focus. As the stress accumulates, the student will also have a lack of sleep. As the student loses sleep, this doesn’t allow them to concentrate on the things that are actually important and beneficial at this point in their lives. With all of these causes combined, the main reason the student will get stressed is because finally, they fail their classes. Consequently, with all of these events occurring within the senior year, the student gets
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