Stressful Classroom Management Skills

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Describe your plan for how you will handle stressful classroom or academic situations.
Whenever I have come across a stressful classroom or academic situations I do what I can. I look over everything and see what I know I have the ability to do and do it. When I do what I know first, it gives me more time to do the rest because then I will not be stuck on one single task. I then go back over and look at what I might be able to do and attempt the other task. I will normally attempt the task multiple times before asking for help from classmate or two. If they also do not know, then I try to get help from a teacher. If I cannot skip around the task, meaning more leads into another and so on, then I would ask fellow classmates if they understood and knew how to do the task. If not, then I would as the teacher about it.

Discuss your time management skills as it applies to managing your academics.
I do not have the best time management skills. I often times do get off task when attempting to work for long periods of time. I do get all of my work done, but it oftentimes takes me
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My personal space will be invaded, things might be borrowed, and people invited into our room. I love my personal space. It is something I really do need to get through the day. I need time to myself to think and keep my thoughts together. I do not really like the thought of constantly sharing everything all the time. I know, having a roommate is exactly what that means most of the time and that stresses me out slightly. I do like people, but I can not constantly be around them. I need a roommate that is kind of independent and does not have a problem with my personality. I want to be able to bond with them since they are going to be sharing a room, but I do not want to be forced into things that do and like to do. I expect to have a roommate that is like a sister to me. Through the handbook, I read the academy is great at creating lifelong friends and that is what I am really hoping
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