Stressful Jobs: A Career In Fashion Merchandising

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Stressful jobs that come to mind of an individual are not typically jobs in fashion. Fashion merchandising has the stereotype of being all glamour and lacking arduous work. Quite on the contrary, a job in fashion merchandising requires proficiency in analytics, extreme awareness and understanding of the trends, and an expertise in communicating with other companies. Individuals who are interested in the field of fashion merchandising will research what it is and the job opportunities within this field, the pathway to obtaining a degree in this field, and all the exciting details of a day in the life of a fashion buyer. A degree in fashion merchandising gives much freedom in job opportunities. Fashion merchandising is a surprisingly large umbrella over other positions in the fashion industry. One common factor that jobs in fashion merchandising require are a vast knowledge of the latest trends in the industry. Some of the possible jobs include, but are not limited to; display director, department manager, merchandiser, or someone involved in buying and selling. A display director creates window or interior displays for stores. A department manager would lead and train their sales team. With a position of equal importance, a merchandiser must determine their store’s budgets, balance the store’s stock, and direct the store’s merchandise profitability. Specializing in buying and sales would involve a skill in communication with others. A career in buying is sought after by

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