Job Demand Control Theory Essay

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A stressor can simply be defined as any demand that is put on an individual. The service nature of working in a call centre can result in employees being at risk of many stressors and could potentially lead to burnout if the correct support measures are not put into place (4,5). According to the Job Demands Control theory, the amount of strain an individual experiences at work is determined by the amount of control they have in dealing with these demands (READING). Essentially, a high demand job that has a high level of control is the best for an employee as it promotes positive wellbeing (READING). In the case of call centre work, the demand of the job is high and the amount of control is low which could lead to negative wellbeing and strain on the employee (READING). Furthermore, support can help buffer the negative effects within a high strain job and can come in many…show more content…
The support given by Microsoft was to implement flexible working practices whereby employees were given the opportunity to job share. This allows for employees to have time to themselves and to rest to recover from the day’s work which is why this is effective in diminishing work overload and essentially diminishing the negative effects experienced due to this stressor (7). Additionally, Mind Tree implemented a practice whereby women were given 1 year leave for every 6 years worked to give them the opportunity to deal with family life. This is effective support as it lowers the effects of low job satisfaction due to feeling fatigue and exhaustion as time is given to recover from the demands of work (7). There is no work-life balance as call centre workers in India do not get sufficient time off and most times must work on public
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