Strictly Ballroom Editing Analysis

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Editing is a part of post-production in creating a video or a film. It is the important part to create a sequence. On the production phase, the scene of the film were taken one by one but it not taken accordingly, it is editor's job to combine this scene together to make this film accordingly as shown in storyboard and script. Each take can contain extra notes from the director or the cinematographer. This is the first time the editor sees the film, and since it is shot out of sequence, it is out of context of the story. A good editor views the rushes and looks for fluidity of movement and nuances that will later be incorporated into the film. Editing process have it own process to make the editing process easier. The editor must…show more content…
In this film I will discuss about the editing technique the entire movie which we can has major editing technique, I also will review the film on its film language and the its significant in our real…show more content…
Studied of the Maxism theory about film studied there is a level between the rich and the poor people. First of all, in this film it shows the different kind or step of dancing between the lower class and the higher class. For the higher classes, the dancing is all about fame and they all want to make name for themselves, but yet again, it being totally strict for making new dances. It shown it the film where Scott's mom Shirley Hasting (Pat Thompson) was to obsessed of winning the Pan Pacific Grand Prix so that she train her son to become a champion but it is for her not for her son. It then create a gap between the family. On the other side, for the lower class dancing it is all about for fun and making close to the family. It is all about creating bond between community. There is a lot of shot that showed many kind of dresses from different kind of people. The rich people wear colorful color of dresses, show that they can buy any type of dresses not like the low classes people(e.g. Fran's family) that only wear a darker tone of color, if they have bright color it just low of contrast if we compare with rich people white dresses. For example we can see at the ending scene of Scott and Fran finish dancing at the back stage. The scene continues with every short of the other character watching Fran and Scott, some of them looked

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