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Striped hyenas are part of their own family Hyaenidae with only four species including the striped hyena. The Hyaenidae family includes the spotted hyena, brown hyena, aardwolf, and of course the striped hyena. The striped hyena is part of the hyena species, its genus is also hyena. A striped hyena is a doglike African mammal, though the aren 't related to the dog in anyway. They have four legs and a mane. All throughout the body are striped, hence the name striped hyena. Striped hyenas are tall and slender with a thick neck and large eyes. Their fur is long, shaggy, and very thick. The mane grows along the neck and back. Hyenas have teeth that are strong enough to crush bones, so that they can easily catch their prey. To help them find their prey they have excellent hearing and smell. Although hyenas are known to be loud, striped hyenas tend to keep quiet unless they feel threatened. The striped hyena’s habitat includes dry grasslands and semi deserts. The tend to live in north and northeastern Africa. By night time these animals spend their time out and active and when daylight comes they are usually away sleeping in a cave or a burrow. Striped hyenas are mainly scavengers who tend to forage alone. Because of a such scarce amount of food…show more content…
A fact that was interesting was that there have been some reports of striped hyenas attacking and even killing humans, but there have also been reports of striped hyenas becoming affectionate and tame pets. With that being said make sure to be careful when approaching or being around a striped hyena because you never know if it will try to attack you until it happens. Another interesting fact is that as they get older they become more intolerant and aggressive towards each other. Usually when the young ones come in contact with or greet other hyenas they will rarely display more that appeasement behavior with the older ones, so that they don 't get attacker. This can help when trying to figure out the their age group in the

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