Lap Dancing Pros And Cons

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The article has focused on the issue of women working in the stripping industry and how “lap dancing” has become a contested career for many women in United Kingdom. The article has stated that this specific industry of stripping and lap dancing has grown rapidly in the last 15 years. There are diverse reasons why women opt for such a career option; one of them being that they require urgent cash which they are not able to attain in any other field. Many women have observed that they are able to make more money here than in any other field, with some earning double on weekends of what they earn on weekdays. Theory The article has made use of an explicit theoretical framework. The explicit theoretical framework that is used as the base here…show more content…
Even though the profession is seen as an extremely precarious and highly exploitative, women have chosen it because they feel that they would be able to get better and quick money from this career choice, rather than any other field. Many pole dancers feel that in other career options, making quick money is a tough step compared to this field. Arguments The central argument that the author has focused on is to justify this particular career option of lap dancing and to justify that women can work in stripping industry. Many researchers have observed that working in erotic dance workplace shave earned them more money and this has been cited as the main reason as to why many women do not leave the industry, once they enter it (Sanders, & Hardy, 2012). However, a study has also reported that after the economic crisis of 2008 in UK, the profit in the stripping industry has been declining severely. It should be noted that each argument has been clearly defined in the article and reader is easily able to understand them.…show more content…
The stripping industry has observed rapid growth owing to which it has become compulsory to understand the major reason as to why women opt for such occupation (Berson, 2015). Before reading the work, I was not aware of what the major reasons were for women entering this field; however, after reading the article, it has become clear that most of the women feel that they are forced into this industry due to their need for money. Many of them are completely helpless in this

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