Strong AI Advantages

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AI destroys the Meaning of Life
What do you think is a perfect life to you? Having a 5* breakfast every morning and all the works done by someone for you at work and giving you free time to play and watch the most updated drama series every day? This sounds terrific and can be easily achieved by having a strong artificial intelligence (AI) with you. However, is this the kind of way you want to live for your whole life? Do you believe that developing strong AI can help people to live a meaningful life? Developing strong AI may have its advantages but the drawbacks out weight it and I am against it.
There are a few benefits brought by AI. The most significant one is the enhancement of people’s quality of life. First, strong AI can replace those
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To the society, everyone being interesting, relaxed and different makes the world more colorful and diverse. The development of strong AI stops people from learning and educating themselves since most works can be done by strong AI. Everything following the law of natural, being original and organic is the best way to maintain a good society. However, strong AI disturbs the natural work practice and life style of human. Developing strong AI has several drawbacks.

One of the drawbacks about developing strong AI is it may lead to a mass unemployment. Since strong AI is capable in almost all kind of repetitive jobs, many jobs can be replaced and people are most likely to lose their job. Also, no matter how high technology grows, strong AI is still a machine only which have no creative thinking. They all act in the same way under the same set system. This not only have no contribution in making a better society but adversely affect people’s ways of thinking. Furthermore, the development of strong AI triggers an ethnic and moral problem. Every people’s intelligent is a gift which is unique. It should not be recreated by human and apply to machine. This leads to more conflicts among people and disturbs the social harmony. Last, developing strong AI draws people backwards. Since AI is capable in a large range of works, people over-rely on it and become lazy. They diminish in creative thinking and exploring new
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