Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

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In my opinion I display characteristics of the Enterprising, Conventional, and Social Occupational Themes. I am lead to this opinion by agreement with the descriptions of both Enterprising and Conventional themes. The Strong Interest Inventory Assessment I completed stated Enterprising theme potential skills as “verbal ability, ability to motivate and direct others.” I have been able to motivate and direct others through management, volunteer work, coaching, and many other activities in my life. I enjoy being able to envision, direct, and see an idea or project come together. The report described Conventional theme potential skills as “ability to work with numbers, data analysis, finances, attention to detail.” I am skilled with the ability to analyze large amounts of data to use in a number of different ways depending on what question is being asked. The best way I’ve demonstrated this is to put together projects for a…show more content…
Having done prior assessments and analyzed only strengthens the argument that I possess the attributes of the Enterprising, Conventional, and Social themes based on the skills and values defining them. Last semester I was able to complete the Myer Briggs Assessment to find that I am an ENTJ personality type. The assessment indicated I possess the personality type described as “Extraverted Thinking with Introverted Intuition” similar to the SII Assessment. Life experience I’ve had that included the skills detailed in Enterprising, Conventional, and Social themes provided information allowing me to concur with the findings of this assessment. The occupation themes and interest do not surprise me because I have researched or worked in similar positions or concentrations. So, based on all of the previous knowledge and new knowledge I am not surprised with the
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