Mother Figures In Flannery O Connor's Good Country People

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The role of a mother is to provide her child or children with unconditional love. Also, to understand her children. Strong mother figures were depicted in these short stories, written by Flannery O’Connor. These mother figures have positive attributes and some had negative attributes, and some had a mixture of both positive and negative attributes. Some of these characteristics include, critical, sympathetic, religious, hardworking, and arrogant. One characteristic Flannery O’ Connors mom exhibits in the letters is that she is critical. Flannery O’Connor’s mom (Regina) reminded me of Mrs. Turpin in the short story “Revelation”. On March 11th, 1958, Flannery had received a long sweater and rain coat from a poet named James Dickey and Regina’s…show more content…
On December 4th, 1951, Regina is anxiously awaiting her D.P.s to get there so that their difficulties can begin. This shows that she is looking forward to having other people do her hard work for her. In one of her short stories “Good Country People” Mrs. Freeman can never be brought to admit herself to be wrong on any point, she only cares about talking about her great her daughters are, which shows that her arrogance gets in the way of understanding somebody else. A second character who shows arrogance is Mrs. Shortly in “Displaced Persons” once she finds out her husband is going to be fired, she runs to her house and begins packing all their things up. She then makes her husband quit before they get a chance to fire him. This shows that she has too much pride to be fired. Another character who shows arrogance is Mrs. Cope she always changes the subject to something cheerful and is always proud of how she handles herself. This shows that she is impressed with herself and her abilities. Another character is Ms. May from the story “Greenleaf” is that she is envious of her sons because their productive and she has no satisfaction from them. She is described as someone who is selfish and bitter and who blames others for her problems. She shows arrogance by not taking responsibility for herself. A different character is Mrs.Hopewell from “Good Country People” refuses to call her daughter by Hugla, which is the name she changed to from Joy. Mrs. Hopewell shows that she is arrogant by not accepting the fact that her daughter changed her name to something she likes, and by calling her by her old name. A similar character who shows arrogance is the grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” on their road trip she dresses very nice so that in case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the side of the road or the highway would know that she was a lady. The grandmother was arrogant by always wanting to
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