Strong Organizational Culture In The Workplace

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There are different organizations having their own organizational culture. They have unique organizational culture due to their company strategies. Some organizational culture is perennial and some are only for short term planning. However, a strong organizational culture is one of the major factors that makes an organization to be successful. In the essay, I will analyze strong organizational culture that can increase the overall performance of a firm and utilize different theories to support the views. The objectives are to indicate the importance of strong organizational culture and how it influences the performances of employees. Through the essay, the relationship between organizational culture and performance of employees can be found.…show more content…
Organizational commitment is sense of belonging and responsibility that an employee has toward the mission of the organization (Meyers & Allen, 1991). The employees will desire on working. They have self-awareness and obligation to stay in the organization. It will increase the job satisfaction and job performance of employees (Vandenberg & Lance, 1992). Organizational commitment should be viewed as necessity in organizational culture. Strong organizational culture helps employees to realize goals, objectives and strategies. It contains a common meanings and beliefs towards employees. Organizational commitment helps employees to raise their self- awareness to focus on their works. Employees can follow the instructions and messages to perform their best. In Apple Inc., recruitment is an important procedure to get the chance in working. Apple Inc. will share their goals and values that raise their awareness and obligation in the later work in company (Boudreau & Lakhani, 2009). They also provide helps and supports to employees. That makes the employees feel free to utter their opinions. Though the behavior from Apple Inc., a strong commitment is established, it strengthens the consciousness of employees. They would obligate to work on their jobs. As a result, the job satisfaction would be improved. They will realize the values and goals of the company. They would prepare the works…show more content…
Strong organizational culture would establish better performance in an organization as a result. In the performance management and organizational culture, it reveals that a strong organizational culture can raise up the performance of employees. That is benefit for the overall performance of a firm. Employee commitment is necessary in organizational culture. It increases the awareness and obligation of employees. They would concrete on the works and responsible for the job. Also, they clarify the values and goals of the organization. It ensures that they would not have violation on company’s goals. Strong organizational culture also benefits to decision making. Strong organization culture improves the managerial decision making. The behavior is advantage to employees. The job satisfaction of them would increase. Turnover rate of employees would be low in a strong organizational culture. There is a negative relationship between strong organization culture and turnover rate. Organizations provide good treatment for employees and they have high job satisfaction. They are willing to distribute their work and help the organizations. Maybe there is arguments saying that strong organizational culture causes no freedom to be innovative. However, strong organizational culture allows employees to work in their own and no limit on employees’ performance. Integrated the advantages and disadvantages
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