Strong Organizational Culture

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This paper is a systematic discussion of the benefits of a strong organizational culture and the overall impact of the strong culture on individuality. A strong culture is vital for the long-term success of organizations, if aligned accordingly with their mission. The strong culture could how ever hinder individuals in the organization from practicing their free will. Some individuals tend to conform to values that they do not actually believe in. This can be as a result of employees seeking out to find a sense of belonging in the work area. Employees often have to go through a series of transformation for the sake of feeling appreciated and happy in an environment that they are not necessarily comfortable being in.
The analysis
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Organizational culture is the norms and core values that companies or businesses create to govern their day-to-day activities. A strong corporate culture is one of the key components that propel most organizations to be successful. Since employees come from different cultural backgrounds, the organizational culture forms a basis that they can publicly be identified with. This may include innovation, logos, the organizations mission statement and leadership. There also exist sub-cultures within the organizations, which are not implemented by the managerial department but are developed by the employees.
Enforcement of the values and norms implemented begin with those high up the hierarchy of an organization (the leadership). There are various benefits that result from a strong corporate culture. Due to a strong corporate culture, leaders work hand in hand with their employees. The employees learn by example about what is expected of them when they are out in the field even without the supervision of their managers. Employees tend to get more inclined to perform better when they trust the leadership abilities of their
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This occurs whether one believes in the culture of the organization or not. For example, the fashion company (Runway) from the mentioned movie socializes their new workers by making them change their way of dressing and make up. Andy Sachs had to change her dress code and develop a sense of style even when she did not really care about looking fashionable. Her attitude towards Runway’s culture was negative at the beginning and she did not really enjoy working for the company. Later, Andy Sachs conformed and joined the bandwagon at Runway. Andy and her fellow assistant (Emily) went out of their way to please their boss Miranda. This is because everyone in the company looked up to Miranda and everything had to be of satisfaction for
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