Strong Party System In American Democracy

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Michael McNelis
December 7, 2015
PLS 100
Dr. Litchman

Mini Essay 1

I believe that todays party system is beneficial in American democracy. America has what is called a weak party system, meaning that the parties have very little control on who can join. As opposed to a strong party system, which Europe has, which is political parties can create limits who can run in their names, determines policies and who are its members. A strong party builds loyalty among the group and invests in young people to train the, to be able to fight a good election. Don’t let the name weak and strong party fool you. A two party system in which America has presents readily understandable political information to voters in a convenient manner. By doing so,
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Judges have the power to give new meaning to statues and cases on a case-by-case method. And on top of this, the judges are not even elected by the people directly; the President nominates individuals to become justices. Of course, once a justice takes office, they are guaranteed a spot on the bench for life, regardless of national public opinion. This means that we have nine unelected people with no term limits and no direct accountability to the people providing answers to some of the most controversial federal issues. But the Supreme Court’s power is surprisingly more overreaching. Additionally, the Supreme Court can essentially overturn any act of Congress by declaring it…show more content…
The Supreme Court does have too much power for an unelected body. It is true that the power to reinterpret the Constitution in the light of changing societal needs can amount to the power to amend the Constitution but they are subjected to checks by Congress and by the president. The House of Representatives can impeach justices and the Senate, try them and if found guilty by a two-thirds majority, remove them from office. Congress also has the power to initiate constitutional amendments, thereby seeking to overturn judgments of the Court with which it disagrees. They also have the power to alter the number of justices on the Court, the Supreme Court has no say in this whatsoever and therefore does not have the huge amount of power that it is accused of
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