Amish Identity

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It is hard to be different, as people are not prepared, they need maturity as a society to accept and take advantage of the great variability that humanity offers them. They try to be inclusive but they do not know how. They are confronted daily with overcome difficult situations. Somehow, this is what that brings them as parents and, in some cases, as people, to seek a diagnosis. Because what for some could be just a label, for others it is a form of consolation and an approach to the tools that will help address that of being different that separates them. Naming it that it happens, that does not belong, soothes, facilitates. There is not a roof, the possibilities are endless and forms, but first they need to know. Many times they feel trapped…show more content…
It is this human desire to belong that motivates the insecure to change who they are. They clearly find it too difficult to belong when they have a more defined sense of identity in comparisons to those who they wish to identify with. A strong sense of identity can often lead to a sense of independence or exclusion, but this is not always the case. Rachel Lapp, member of the Amish community is in countless aspects different from those in mainstream society (Walton et al.,…show more content…
Learning to listen and watch carefully everything that happens around people, it is the starting point to take the best of every situation and put aside everything that is objectively not convenient. Hence, overcoming the thought for being different makes it difficult for that person to exist in this world since people either think that he is mentally ill or he is suffering from any mental disabilities. In this way, families and friends also leave the person as the medical condition of the person is not stable since he is different. Thus, being different leads to difficulty in belonging (Pentaris and Stacey,
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