Strong Willed Learner Analysis

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I had took the LCI survey last week and my results are "Strong Willed Learner." Sequence is 27, Precise is 24, Technical is 31, and Confluent is 26. I have three Use First, Sequence, Technical, and Confluent. And I have one Use When Need which is Precise.

Because I am Strong-Willed, I like to make my own rules, Refuse to ask questions, and live my life to the fullest. I am very similar to Bob in chapter 2. I like to be in charge and I you tell me to do something a certain way. I will most likely try a different way of doing it. I like to figure things out myself.

Sequence, I like categories and organizing, finish things from beginning to end with no interruptions, and finally, start a task when and where i am most comfortable. For example, I am a merchandiser. I hate it when they tell me to do something and I do it then all of a sudden they tell me to stop because they are changing things around.

Precise, I use precise when its needed so I avoid and I also use first when it is necessary. I always ask do I have to read all of this?, do I have do all of this?, how am i going to remember all of this information, I am going to skim instead or reading, I become frustrated trying to find the one right answer, I fear of looking or sounding stupid, and don 't ever
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Confluent, I connect things that are unrelated, I like to take risks, I look for a purpose in things, I operate with clear goals and my mind is like a laser. I focus on that one thing. I love connecting the dots, similar to a detective (which I should totally become one day!). I feel energized by possibilities that are still in the idea stage, I always have an idea then better ideas after the fact. For example, If you ask me to type or write something up. I will lose you in some parts. It happens to me a lot of my classes, especially English class. All my English teachers have me rewrite something or have me explain myself of what I had wrote because they had got lost and lost sight of what I was trying to
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