Strong Women In Antigone

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This extraordinary woman who stood strong in what she believes refused to surrender her seat to a white male passenger, once said: “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right” (Rosa Parks, 1955). The story of Antigone describes a strong woman who stood up against the cruel dictator and doing what she thought that was right, showing an example of how women can stand up against authoritarian men. Antigone rejects the Ancient Greek view of a female character which is that a woman cannot defend herself and shows the reader an example of a strong woman by refusing to be under the influence of men’s power and defending her beliefs.

Antigone rejects being controlled by Creon and speaks up to defend herself. After Creon found
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When Creon and Antigone discuss why Antigone buried her brother, she declares, “Enough. Give me glory could I win than to give my own brother a decent burial? These citizens here would agree”(Sophocles 498-512).She knew that what she was doing was right that even the citizens in that time will agree but they are too afraid of standing against the law. The Ancient Greek view did not expect for a woman stand up, speak up and to make any decision or manifesting her unconformity. She proves that standing up and defend what oneself believes can make a total change in future generations.

Antigone shows an example of a strong female and rejects the ancient Greek view of women because she defends her beliefs and refuses to be influenced by authoritarian men. This story is a great example of how women were mistreated on that time and they did not have any right, Antigone was really determined for standing up and speak up, and she did not care about the consequences. Nowadays woman indirectly they still are mistreated and despised. That is a big problem but oneself can make a change and just like Antigone if something is not right, oneself can go and change it or at least manifest against

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