Strong Women In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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One of the most interesting tings in Shakespeare is his presentation of strong women. Beatrice, Hero, and Juliet are strong women in their play. Beatrice with her strong opinion about not needing a husband, Hero for being strong she was falsely accused of, and Juliet for following her heart to be with Romeo. These women are brave for doing what they believe is right and having their mindset focused. From “Much Ado About Nothing”, Beatrice is a feisty, independent woman, seen by all those around her as such. She is highly intelligent and known as a feminist in the play. In Act 1, Scene 1, Beatrice says, “… I have no need for romance. I would rather listen to my dog bark at a crow than hear a man swear that he loves me.” In this line she claims she doesn’t want to be married or to be with any man because she can support herself. Beatrice is the type of woman that will always do as she pleases. In the play, Shakespeare created a wordplay between Beatrice and another character named, Beatrice and a character named, Benedick; who is also anti-marriage. Both these characters are in a battle of witts to make the other look stupid. In the end of the play, both are tricked by their…show more content…
Romeo was from a family that was in feud with Juliet’s family so both families hated each other. Juliet’s father, Capulet, arranged her to marry Count of Paris to be connected to a noble family. She refused to marry him and it was brave of her to go against her father’s orders. He swears at her, threatens her, and even strikes her. She doesn’t give up and tries to think of a way out, without losing Romeo. Juliet seeks advice from Friar Lawrence and his solution is to take a potion to make her appear dead, make her family believes she is, and run away with Romeo. She is a female with enormous determination and courage and is one of the strongest Shakespeare’s female
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